PhD student in protease imaging by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, Bordeaux

TITLE: In vivo proteolysis mapping using Overhauser-enhanced MRI.

SUBJECT: Proteases, tightly regulated under physiological conditions, become overexpressed in several situations. Any non-invasive tools are welcome to understand such processes in vivio, both for their fundamental features and for diagnosis of related diseases.
The project deals with molecular imaging and is at the crossroad of developmental physics, biochemistry and medicine. The work to be performed is two-fold. First, DNP-NMR (Magnetic Resonance enhanced by Dynamic Polarization) developments are still needed to enhance imaging performance (image quality and acquisition time). MRI sequence developments in acquisition and reconstruction are expected. Second, new DNP-MRI-visible nitroxide probes (developed in collaboration) shall be evaluated for their targeting of certain proteases that can occur in various diseases (cancer, inflammation). The goal is then to target in vivo abnormal proteolysis through DNP-MRI.

Contact: eric.thiaudiere
Magnetic Resonance Center UMR 5536 CNRS – University of Bordeaux
146, rue Leo Saignat F-33076 Bordeaux Cedex Phone (33) 5 57 57 10 18 Fax (33) 5 57 57 45 56


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