ASKLEPIOS course on Body Image Biomarkers, Valencia, Spain, December 12-13

The ASKLEPIOS Course on Body Imaging Biomarkers will take place December 12-13, 2016, in Valencia/Spain.

This course aims to familiarise fourth and fifth year radiology residents and board-certified radiologists with cutting-edge clinical imaging technology. The two-day course addresses the definition and development of biomarkers, the multivariant and multiparametric analysis of biomarkers and measurement and biasis in imaging biomarkers. Moreover, it will cover the state of the art of imaging biomarkers in different regions of the human body such as in neurological disease, breast tumours, in diffuse liver disease, the pancreas, in femals pelvic disease, prostate cancer and in the musculoskeletal system. A unique group of European faculty members, well-known for their experience in novel imaging biomarkers, will offer top quality didactic lectures followed by clinical impact discussions in small groups.

Learning objectives

  • to understand different imaging biomarkers as spatially and temporally resolved surrogate indicators, representing virtual biopsies in the different body areas
  • to describe the imaging biomarkers information related to some individual patients’ biological situation, clinical problems and treatment effects
  • to evaluate the correlation and specificity between subrogated imaging biomarkers and the different underlying processes

More information on the website :

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