Job : Postdoctoral Position, Biomedical image analysis, Creatis, France

Postdoctoral Position, Biomedical image analysis, France
Title: Three-dimensional Analysis of Phase Nano CT images of bone tissue

Description: A Postdoctoral position is available for a highly motivated Scientist to join an ongoing research program focused on three dimensional micro-imaging of bone tissue. The position is available in the team “Tomographic Imaging and Therapy” of the CREATIS laboratory specialized in multi-modality Medical Imaging.

Research project:
The team is working with the ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) in Grenoble, to develop new imaging methods based on Synchrotron Radiation micro and nano Tomography (SR micro and nano-CT) to characterizing bone tissue.
The medical context of this work is the understanding of bone fragility in disease such as osteoporosis. In the past, extensive work has been devoted to the characterization of the trabecular and cortical bone micro-structure. However, at the cellular scale, the osteocyte system which plays a fundamental role in bone mechano-transduction has received less attention.
To quantify bone tissue at this scale, we use a new state-of-the-art technique developed at the ESRF: synchrotron magnified X-ray phase nano-CT which provides 3D images at spatial resolution up to 30nm.
The goal of the proposed work is to develop 3D image analysis methods to quantify structures at this scale, including the bone cell network and collagen fiber (in particular their 3D orientation).
The work requires methodological developments regarding data acquisition and 3D image analysis (image segmentation and image quantification) with the constraint to process very large data sets (>32 GB/image).
This project will be held in a multidisciplinary and international environment using cutting edge techniques. It is done within the context of the ANR MULTIPS project including 5 research partners in complementary fields: physics, ultrasound imaging, biomechanics, bone research and image analysis.

– Level : Ph D in image processing or related topics
– Background in applied mathematics, physics, signal processing, and scientific computing
– Strong knowledge in software development: MATLAB, C/C++, ITK, VTK
– Interest for instrumentation and biomedical applications
– Fluent English (both written and spoken) and communication skills

Research unit
Work location : ESRF, Grenoble
Employer: CNRS through a grant from the ANR project
Date : Dec 2016 – Dec 2017 (starting as soon as possible)
Contact : Françoise Peyrin, (francoise.peyrin or peyrin)
Phone: 33 (0) 4 76 70 23 35

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