Carine Kronland-Martinet
Industry Relations

Carine recently completed her PhD at the Center for Particle Physics (CPPM), Marseille and the Developmental Biology Institute (IBDM), Marseille. She focused on the development of intra-vital spectral X-ray imaging in reference to tumors. Her thesis was formed from a strong collaboration between the imXgam team that specializes in particile physics at CPPM, Marseille, and two laboratories that specialize in biology – IBDM, Marseille and the Neuroscience Institute of Timone (INT), Marseille. She worked under Prof. Christian Morel and Dr Franck Debarbieux on the development of K-edge (spectral) intra-vital X-ray tomography with the hybrid pixel camera XPAD3 incorporated in micro-CT PIXSCAN II.

The main objective was to use new technologies offered by the X-rays camera XPAD3 to make it possible to effectuate imaging of the whole body of small, live animals to visualize the vascularization and inflammation independently in tumors. To reach this goal she used the idea of composite pixels that make K-edge imaging possible on live animals without movement artifacts. This new approach also enables to decrease the acquisition time and the radiation dose by three folds but with a compromise on the resolution. In addition, she developed a way to mark cells of the immune systems with nanoparticles (bimodal nanoparticles) visible on X-ray and on optical fluorescence microscopes.

In addition to her research, she is actively involved in science communication and is currently working for the French Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer (National League Against Cancer).

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