Jonathan Vigne

Jonathan is a PhD student at Laboratory for vascular translational science, INSERM U1148, Paris. He is a radiopharmacist in the nuclear medicine department of Bichat Hospital, Paris.

Jonathan did his masters at Cyceron imaging platform, Caen, France. Under the supervision of Prof A. Manrique, he worked on the development of innovative in vivo imaging approaches for the detection of post-myocardial infarction neo-angiogenesis. The main objective of the thesis was to functionalize a polymeric formulation of cyclodextrins nanoparticules using radiolabeled RGD peptides. These peptides are known to bind integrins used as biomarkers of neo-angiogenesis. To enhance their pharmacokinetic profile (biological half-life, furtivity), he developed inclusion complexes between radiolabeled RGD peptides and cyclodextrins tetrapolymers (α, β, γ) and assessed their neo-angiogenesis detection pattern on a preclinical model of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion.

He started his PhD thesis in the team of Prof D. Le Guludec (INSERM U1148). He aims to develop radiolabeled ligands to perform in vivo nuclear imaging of serine proteases activity. SPECT and PET modalities have been chosen because of their sensitivity and suitability for in depth in vivo imaging. Monitoring of serine protease activity would provide a useful tool in the diagnostic and management of different diseases such as endocarditis, stroke, aortic and intracranial aneurysms.

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